Your Chauffeur-Driven BMW X5


Chauffeur-driven BMW X5

Here are some more applications where the X5 comes into its own:

  • Luxury chauffeuring for shoots and other country events
  • Discreet executive transfer to meetings and transport hubs
  • Cotswold tours
  • Corporate event support
  • Festival transport
  • Serious shopping support for you and your personal shopper

Make the most of your Gloucestershire based chauffeur-driven BMW X5

So how will you make the most of my chauffeur-driven BMW X5 and personal butler service? A day at your favourite shoot or the Cheltenham Gold Cup? A businesslike, hassle-free, drop-off and collection at a London airport? Or maybe a carefully planned Cotswold tour for elderly friends or relatives?

Whatever your requirements, you can count on me and the BMW X5 to get you where you want to be: unflustered, relaxed and without the unavoidably head-turning impact of C18 CAL, my other, somewhat more conspicuous, vehicle.

For more information or for a bespoke quotation, please call me on 01242 51 00 00 or email me via my enquiry form.

The BMW X5

Would you indulge me for a moment or two if I mention my chauffeur-driven BMW X5? Or should I say, your BMW X5. That’s because, when you hire my chauffeur-butler services and this car, it’s as good as yours for the day, evening or weekend that I look after you.

For more details or to book, please call          01242 51 00 00 or email me via my enquiry form

Please allow me to show you into the back. Now, where shall we go?

Whether I drive you to Gatwick or an eventing weekend in the Cotswolds, the BMW X5 combines exceptional luxury and equipment levels with reassuring four-wheel-drive capability. I’m sure you will appreciate this, when road conditions or the nature of the assignment aren’t suited to the Bentley’s unique attributes.

Picture yourself enjoying exclusive use of the chauffeur-driven three-litre BMW to combine luxury accommodation with superior elevated seating and viewing. You’ll love relaxing in climate-controlled comfort, knowing my driving skills and BMW’s sophisticated four-wheel-drive system have everything under control regardless of the weather.


TV, DVD, Wifi, iPad and more...

Now imagine yourself in the spacious rear seat. Feel (and smell) the gorgeous leather upholstery as I drive you safely to your destination – aided by live satnav for pinpoint navigational accuracy and avoiding traffic hold ups that could disrupt your schedule in lesser vehicles. As a rear seat passenger you will benefit from :-

  • DVD, with a selection of films to watch or please bring your own
  • A WiFi enabled iPad, which gives full internet access
  • Folding tables, for a drink and a snack
  • A refrigerated cool bag, containing chilled snacks and drinks
  • Adjustable air conditioning vents & controls
  • Heated seats, with variable heat controls
  • Privacy glass
  • Individual window blinds, for additional privacy or when watching TV or a DVD

Don’t you think it adds up to a near perfect chauffeur-driven working and relaxing environment?

That’s your chauffeur-driven BMW X5. It’s the perfect vehicle for any chauffeuring assignment where a superb view from the cabin is called for. It’s also refined, capable, discreet and very well equipped – and Azure is the only business based in the Cotswolds that can provide you with its own chauffeur-driven BMW X5 that is licensed for social and corporate hire.