Blue Badge or Driver Guided Tours

Tour & Explore the Cotswolds with Anne Bartlett in Chauffeur-Driven Luxury from Azure or let David act as your guide. Recent Driver-Guided Tours can be found via this link


Let me tempt you with one of our unforgettable bespoke Cotswolds tours in my Bentley or BMW X5. Working with Anne Bartlett, a specialist Blue Badge guide, I can present Tour & Explore and Azure – BMW or Bentley chauffeur hire and the ultimate luxury tour of the Cotswolds.

Anne operates through her own company called Tour & Explore, which specialises in the Cotswolds and Heart of England. With her knowledge and contacts, she’ll create a unique experience around your interests and specific attractions. And your luxury vehicle? As the only Cotswolds-based business offering its own chauffeur-driven Bentley or BMW X5, that’s down to my personal chauffeur-butler service.

Alternatively I can act as your Driver-Guide. I have a wealth of knowledge of what to see and where to go and I can arrange matters that go that extra mile. For instance I recently arranged a picnic a la Downton Abbey, so that my clients could experience a classic English event. We then visited Highclere Castle the next day!  For more information about my Driver-Guided Tours please follow this link

What kind of Cotswold tour would you like?

  • Personalised, based on your chosen destinations and designed by Anne or me. 
  • Themed leisure tours, such as ‘Shakespeare’s Stratford-upon-Avon’ or ‘Laurie Lee’s Slad valley’

Refreshments as you tour the Cotswolds in luxury

Enjoy pre-booked coffee, lunch & afternoon tea at our recommended venues, or see what takes your fancy.

An extra Cotswold experience

Take your tour a stage further with a Cotswold Experience, such as Clay shooting or a helicopter flight.

A private tour of a significant Cotswold property

Imagine exploring exclusive Cotswold properties, like Stanway House, Berkeley Castle and Hilles House on your own private tour. With our contacts, you can view notable houses, castles or mansions with your very own personal guide. Sometimes you are the only visitors at the property. Experiencing Cotswold culture doesn’t come more exclusive and intimate than this, with plenty of opportunities to ask questions, absorb the atmosphere and enjoy refreshments at the end of the tour.  

You, Anne and my personal chauffeur services

The Cotswolds beckon. For more information, please view our Guide to 5-star Luxury Sightseeing Tours...  


Some of the locations for our Private Tours...


  Stanway House & Garden                              Hilles House                                      Berkeley Castle                                               



Your Tour Guide and Chauffeur...








Your choice of Luxury Vehicles.



Some of our Partners for Cotswold Experiences...

Ian Coley Clay Shooting School

Rise Helicopters

Some of the hotels that recommend our 5-star Luxury Sightseeing Tours...

Ellenborough Park

Stay in Montpellier

The Greenway Hotel

The Dormy House Hotel