Very Important Bride...

What is the Very Important Bride (VIB) Service?

The VIB service has been created specifically for you as the most important person on your special day. I know how difficult it is to find time to explore the key areas that go to making your day extra special. I have therefore teamed-up with Ruth Hunter of Finesse Planning (UK Planner 2013) to create a unique service: travel around with award winning Ruth in the Cotswold's only Bentley available for this service and visit the region's premier suppliers.  

As a Very Important Bride you receive the best service available in the area:-

  • As an award winning planner Ruth will take you to people and places she has worked with before and therefore, can personally recommend. As you travel from one location to another she will discuss what you have seen and suggest alternatives.
  • Your day will be spent travelling in the height of luxury, a Brooklands Bentley. In the spacious cabin, you’ll relax in sumptuous Connolly leather and be surrounded by hand-crafted walnut veneer. The car is exceptionally quiet and so you will be able to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the world as you converse with Ruth. Being chauffuer-driven has other advantages too; you will be able to enjoy a glass of wine (or two) with your lunch and you can rely on your chauffeur to plan the day so that your limited time is spent wisely. 

Who are your hosts for the VIB service?





                     Ruth Hunter                       David Keffler    

Ruth Hunter is UK Planner of the Year 2013

Ruth started Finesse Planning over 5 years ago to provide clients with a friendly and personal service, that was design led, helping them plan their special day in a way that represented their personalities and characters. These are the qualities that have developed Finesse Planning into one of the leading event planning companies in the UK.

As well as being highly experienced she is also certified as a qualified event planner from The Event Planner School and is a tutor and mentor for the High End Event Planning Course run by the school.

Ruth prides herself on being available 24/7 to all of her couples whether home or abroad and on becoming a friend as well as a confidante throughout the planning process, on the special day and beyond.

David Keffler is the South-West Transport Supplier of the Year 2014 

David is passionate about Bentleys. The marque represents the height of luxury travel – a unique, iconic combination of supreme luxury, style and sporting heritage. 

He established Azure Chauffeur-Driven Luxury Cars in 2011 by investing in C18 CAL, his dark blue Brooklands Bentley; which was built for the London-based Jack Barclay Bentley dealership as their demonstrator.

He is an attentive and approachable individual who will provide you with a bespoke chauffeur service in his luxury car; he will both plan the event and drive you on the day. He has built up a solid reputation with clients who are very happy to recommend him.

For more information or for a bespoke quotation, please email me via my enquiry form; or download our Guide to VIB...



The VIB Service in Action

As a Very Important Bride (VIB) you will be chauffeured in Azure's Bentley...


Ruth will take you to exclusive suppliers...


She will then discuss ideas with you between suppliers...


...and will take you to a special palce for lunch where you will have plenty of time to discuss what you have seen and plan your afternoon over a glass of wine....




All the pictures on this page were taken for VIB by Jonathon Watkins of PhotoGlow.

Please follow this link to view his website